2019 NCIGF Fall Workshop Highlights

The 2019 Fall Workshop took place in New Orleans on October 2-3. The educational event kicked off on that Wednesday at the historic Roosevelt Hotel and featured John Wells welcoming the membership to his home state of Louisiana. After introducing James Donelon, Commissioner of Insurance for the state, Mr. Wells handed things over to Trey Boone from eSOURCES who presented on organizational culture.

Chad Anderson hosts NCIGF Jeopardy

Throughout day one of the event, the NCIGF program highlighted opportunities for interaction among the community members, which included a rousing game of Jeopardy!, hosted by Chad Anderson (AKA Wink Wollery) as well as lunchtime roundtable discussion groups that covered important guaranty fund topics – Claims, IT, and Challenges for New Fund Managers. Said one participant who joined the IT roundtable, “Not only did Andrew and Jeremy answer our questions, the group of people at the table was varied and I enjoyed getting to know them better.”

Day one concluded after the group heard from NCIGF President & CEO, Roger Schmelzer and another panel entitled Disaster Sight: Listening to History for Creative Problem Solving. Mr. Schmelzer closed his President’s Report by stating, “In this version of NCIGF, with this composition of members who are so committed to the mission of the guaranty fund system, everyone can and should be heard.”

Tom Streukens leads the scenario exercise

Day two of the workshop, emceed by Tom Streukens (FL), began with an interactive exercise constructed by the education committee: a cyber insolvency scenario. As members arrived in the morning, they were instructed to sit at round tables and Mr. Streukens explained the day. The scenario was rolled out, and each group took time to brainstorm, share experiences from their individual shops, and come up with next steps. The conclusion of the exercise involved each table sharing their ‘top takeaways’ with the large group. This was often met with applause and many took notes.  “This exercise was excellent. The mix of experience and personalities at my table were perfect. There were many questions we could not answer, but at a minimum, this exercise drove the conversation and helped illustrate the need to keep talking about this topic and seek insight/clarification of how we would, collectively, respond to an insolvency with cyber policies”, commented one member via the 2019 Fall Workshop survey.

To see the notes from the scenario exercise as well as the PowerPoint presentations from all panels and speakers, click here.

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