GSI: Data Management Solutions for the Insurance Resolution System

Guaranty Fund Services (GSI)


GSI aims to assist Guaranty Funds with a suite of IT services including:

• Cloud hosting
We can plan and migrate your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud.

• Application Development
GSI can automate any existing paper processes in your office including collecting assessment data, proxy voting for your board, PTO forms, expense reimbursement, various UDS processes, setting up an internal intranet, Web site hosting, etc.

• IT security services 
Do you have an IT audit coming up? Do you have the results of an audit that you don’t know what to do with?  GSI can help you prepare in the leadup to an audit and assist with remediation.

• KnowBe4
We can assist or manage your KnowBe4 training and testing.

• Monitoring 
GSI can setup daily security monitoring and provide executive level reports on what issues currently exist in your environment.


Receivership Services

GSI aims to assist receivers with the extraction and conversion of claims data from an insolvent insurer. GSI can do this faster and cheaper than anyone else in the entire market. We can accomplish this because we’re a for profit subsidiary of a not for profit entity – we don’t have a bench of consultants who need to get paid nor do we incur the types of expenses that other IT consulting technology companies have. The receiver only pays for the services it uses. Furthermore, GSI isn’t looking to maintain data extraction and conversion for longer than it needs to. We look to partner with the existing company or receivership staff to ultimately transition the UDS work to them. GSI likes to step in at the early, chaotic, but crucially important parts of an insolvency to make sure data gets where it needs to go, then looks to step away as the transition becomes more orderly.

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