SUDS, otherwise known as Secure UDS, is an SFTP server and nightly batch process that validates and sends UDS C/D records from Guaranty Associations to Liquidators.  SUDS runs every week night at 11:00 p.m. eastern.

The nightly processing code locates files containing UDS records uploaded by the guaranty funds and moves these files to the download directories of the appropriate Liquidators.

Before processing a file, the script makes several checks on the name of each file. If an invalid value if found for any of these, the file is not processed.

  • State and location codes are checked.
  • The NAIC number is checked.
  • A valid date is present.

The script also checks that there is a signed SUDS agreement for the Liquidator.

A UDS file which passes all of these checks is then moved from the guaranty funds upload directory to the download directory
for the appropriate Liquidator. An email is also sent to the guaranty fund and the Liquidator to indicate that the file is available for download.

In the case that a file fails one of these checks, the file is moved to the guaranty funds ”REJECT” folder and an email is sent to the guaranty fund indicating the particular problem with the file.